Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Work in Progress

As I stated, I went over to Bello this morning to work on the house.

The front door is metal,  the outside was covered in rust spots, but all did not go quite as planned!

I spent a couple of hours sanding down both the outside and edges of the door, as well as the frame with wet & dry.

You can see how it has yellowed, and the rust spots on the photo above,

The photo on the right shows the door after it has been sanded, but before painting, I rather think that people have opened the door with  their feet a few times, looking at the bare patch at the bottom of the door.

Because the weather was rubbish, I had changed my plans, I was only going to prepare the door for painting, but it dried quickly after the sanding, so I decided to get the job done.

I covered the lock fitting and the spy glass with tape,  then the back of the door with plastic sheeting, crossing the hinged area to the frame, so the spray wouldn't go into the house.

I then opened my first can of spray, only to find that either someone had stolen the nozzle, or it had been omitted at the factory, so with some trepidation, I opened the second can, fortunately that was intact.

I checked that the wind was blowing away from the house, and started sprayiung, the first coat went on without a problem, but whilst I was doing the second coat, the wind changed, and I didn't notice immediately. As a result there was spray drift, into the house, fortunately the sofa is shiny leather, so I was able to remove most of it with 'desolvente' (white spirit), and the floor, being tiled, I cleaned, then mopped with disinfectant.

The Mother in Law was not at home, so now I am waiting to see if there are any comments or complaints!

As soon as the door was finished, I stripped off all the protection, before it dried into the new paint.

It looks almost as good as new, the white on the concrete outside is from the sanding water, so will wash off... I had to leave something for the Mother in Law to do on her return!

At some stage I will spray the frame as well, but it cleaned up quite well, and is not urgent, the next job over there, is to fit architrave around the downstairs door openings, something the joiner never fitted I presume to keep costs down.

Monday, 8 January 2018


This morning was yet another scorcher, blue skies and sun, so I decided to do some gardening, I trimmed the azulina hedge, the Dame de La Noche, and then pruned the trees, two orange trees and a peach tree,

It certainly looks a lot tidier now, but when I had finished the lawn looked like a disaster zone, I spent more time cutting the trimmings into small lengths and bagging it, than I had doing the job.

I don't think the bin men will be that happy on Thursday morning! I think there were seven bags in total.

Later in the week, weather allowing, I will see if the other side of the hedge, in the neighbours lane, needs trimming, but if it is dry, tomorrow morning I am going over to Bello to sand down and paint the front door of our house over there, that should keep the Mother in law happy for a while, albeit she is coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks, she has her date for the operation on her foot, it is next week, it will easier if she stayts with us, the Father in Law will return from Caucasia to give a hand, mainly the cooking, so it will be 'Happy Families' again...I hope!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Birthday Lunch

Today, being Marcela's day off, she took me to Asados Famila Garcia on Calle 63 in Medellin, it is one of our favourite Restaurants, and is listed in my Restaurant Reviews, we don't go there often as it does not come within our everyday budget, but well worth a visit, and we have the same every time 'Sobrebarriga' (Flank Steak), it literally melts in your mouth, and if you don't starve yourself for the morning, you wont be able to eat it all.

Many people take away a doggy bag, but to me that is sacrilege, albeit by the time I had finished, I couldn't have eaten another mouthful... neither of us could.

That's our celebrations out of the way for a while, suffice it to say, it's another Bank Holiday here tomorrow! 😨