Thursday, 15 February 2018

Away For a Week

We leave for our holiday in the early hours of Saturday morning, so I will close down tonight, as we will be running around like scalded cats tomorrow, I can guarantee it, despite being 'organised'. The good thing about the early start, is that we will be at our destination by 10.30am on Saturday, likewise the following week, we will be landing back here at 12.30pm, all being well, just in time for lunch!

Today, as I thought, went as planned. with Henry, we bought his selection of food for the coming week, and the padlocks for our cases, although I appreciate if anyone really wants to have a look inside, we are not going to stop them.

I hope you all have a good week...stay safe, and Hello Mexico!!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Saying that, it isn't here, although you hear more about it now than over previous years, Colombia has it's version called Amor y Amistad (Love and Friendship) in September, why? because it exports nearly all it's flowers to other countries in February, leaving none for the home market, that's the reason I was given anyway.

It is feeling as if our holiday is nearly here, we went and bought our foreign currency this morning in the City, it was strange, it was the first time for a long time that I actually enjoyed shopping with Marcela, normally I find an excuse to go off and meet up later, she is murder to shop with, I think she feels the same way, but today was different, maybe because she has been working all hours, and it was the first time for ages that we had some 'our' time.

We met up with my Father-in-law, Henry, in Bello at midday, he had travelled seven hours by bus from Caucasia to house sit, and look after the dogs whilst we are away. He left a day early in case there were hold ups with the terrorist group ELN blowing up roads or vehicles, which has been prevalent up his way. We went for lunch, then came home for a siesta.

Late afternoon, we spent packing our cases, mainly so I had some idea of weight, but we are well under, we are permitted two cases each, but one each is more than enough, thank goodness. The dogs sat watching the whole process, which took longer than usual, because we split all our clothes between the two cases, just in case the Airline loses one, we will at least have something to wear, if they lose two, then we are buggered! With us being on a two leg flight, the possibility is certainly higher, especially in this part of the world.

Tomorrow, Henry and I will go down to Copacabana to buy the fresh fruit and veg he wants whilst we are away, I also need to make a purchase, that I forgot whilst we were out today, new locks for our cases.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Holiday Season

We have spent the last couple of days preparing for Holidays, sorting out clothes, using a spare bedroom, for the first time in years I have used the iron, something I used almost on a daily basis before moving to Colombia, but here, with the humidity creases soon drop out, however, away from home... being the first holiday for four years, I have to admit to getting quite excited myself, I must have caught it off Marcela, who is like a little girl!

We have contacted my Bank to ensure my cards are not blocked whilst we are away, albeit they have registered the dates, I still worry that might happen, it's bad enough here, but if it happened whilst abroad...

We are going to buy a Mexican sim card when we arrive, at least Marcela's mobile phone, with wifi at the Hotel $12 a day, the sim card has to be cheaper.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that my Father-in-law can get here to house sit, and care for the pooches, unfortunately the ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional / National Liberation Army) have withdrawn their ceasefire, and issued direct threats to citizens in the north of the Country this week, blowing up a main bridge and roads in the north. If he can't get through, it looks like kennels for both boys, which will be a worry.

The talk about Communism coming to Colombia continues, but Gustavo Petro has issued a statement on his Twitter account, stating that talk of seizing houses and apartments is false, he is only looking at businesses and plots of land, so maybe if he gets in, we will be safe, only time will tell.

The Political campaigning is heating up here, with the elections for the Senate and Camara, then the Presidential elections to follow. We had Politicos here yesterday afternoon, I stayed out of the way, but it appears they were sounding out Marcela to stand for the local Concejo, the Concejales are the Members elected to keep the Mayor in line, unfortunately, many of ours are his Mates, so he gets away with doing what he wants.

It appears the Politicos are keen to have a female on board, and they have heard Marcela speak at their meetings, the problem as Marcela sees it is that, to be backed by a Political Party means you cant be impartial, the time will come when they call in their favours, and I can see her point. She says she is not political, I have to say that is a joke and a half, considering the daily Political updates I get, which bore me rigid, because I am definitely not Political, a rebel when it comes to Politics, yes, but not political! Anyway she has said she will think it over, to be honest I think she would be great at it, whether she would be able to advance much, with all the corruption involved, I don't know, but the system has to change, and that means starting somewhere.

Today we were up at 4.30am so Marcela could get ready, to take her Mother for an early Medical appointment, then head into the City for her last buying session for the shop, before starting her holidays. Consequently, once awake, there was no point in lying there, because unlike Marcela, there was no chance of me getting back to sleep, so I took the boys for their walk, and now I'm twiddling my thumbs, until I go out later, to do the shopping.