Friday, 6 January 2017

Another job completed!

The new building alongside us is nearly finished, The law states that windows within 3m of your fence line have to be fitted with obscure glass, they can open for air, but not have line of sight, unless they are 1.6m above floor level, this left us with a dilemma because although there is no dispute about the window in the apartment above, the shop windows, are more than 1.6m above the shop floor level, but because it is built lower on the mountain, it has direct line of sight into our garden, and they HAVE fitted louvred windows, with clear glass..

I could have gone to the Planning Dept, and kicked up a stink, but I am not sure it would have got me anywhere, corruption is the name of the game, and I certainly wouldn't be giving them any backhanders, and knowing the Builder already has done just that, I would probably have lost out.

So I went for the next best thing...Block their view.

Therefore I spent the morning fitting the UPVC roofing panels to our fence, when they get around to painting the side of the building, they should blend in, provided he paints it white of course! these sheets are damned expensive here, but in time I might extend the bottom 1m the whole length of the garden, I certainly don't think I will go higher for the rest of the fence, because I would just block our own view of the valley. Unless there is more building which blights the vista, in which case!

I am glad it is finished, it was a scorcher, I plastered myself in suncream. Did it go up without a problem? in the main...Yes, with the exception of taking a chunk out of one of my fingers, when I trapped it between the ladder section and the metal fence, but nothing my tube of superglue couldn't sort out! 👍

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself hahaha! 😊  A belated Happy New Year to everyone.

I have been out today and purchased the materials for my latest project.

It was two white roofing sheets at 5.9m x 1m each, but for obvious reasons I couldn't get those in the trailer so, had each one cut in two, The transportation was made slightly more difficult because I didn't stipulate how I wanted them cut, so one side is 2.5m and the other 3.4m. which still made them slightly too long for the trailer, in the end I put them flat across the top, and each being 2mm thick, they were substantial enough to not sag in the middle. I took the safest route home, where I was unlikely to pass anyone who was likely to stop me!

The difference in length is no problem, as they will be riveted back together, so will be about 5.5m at the end of the day!

Now what is the project?...well, for now, let's just say there is no wood involved!!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

All is Revealed!

Don't get excited!... it is just a solution to a three year old problem.

Unfortunately, our bedroom is at the back of the house overlooking neighbours

You can probably just make out the security light fixed to the Palm tree this works on a sensor, and unfortunately they have the light set pointing just under our bedroom window, so it does not shine in their eyes when they approach. However it does not just activate when they return, it also activates when their dogs are roaming, and the light wakes me up.

I tried asking nicely, if they could adjust it a little, but received a two letter word answer, so unless we have had to, we haven't spoken since. That left me with a problem, I tried to resolve it by buying a black-out roller blind, although it helps it was not the answer as there is a gap all around it

This is sunlight, but you get the idea. I thought of making wooden shutters to replace the roller blind, but the room just isn't big enough.

Then last week, I came up with the brainwave of making a frame for the roller blind to sit in, this involved making the side tracks, which you have seen, and having stained last night, I fitted today.

now I have to make the pelmet to stop the light above, but I couldn't do that until the tracks were in place to make the right size. below doesn't matter, because the blind is below the side of the bed, and I don't see it.

I tried taking a photo without the flash, but it was too dark to,  but you can see the idea, the tracks have cut out the side light, the pelmet will cut out above, and the blind itself will funnel any residual light down to floor level, which will not be a problem.

All I need now is for Marcela to say that the room is too dark!!!!!! but since she falls asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow, I might be safe.  I'll start on the design of the pelmet, tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


The mystery project took a small step forward today, I drilled the fixing holes, three down the side of each strip, with a 1/2" recess to take a wooden plug

and in the middle of the slotted side, a hole to ensure the strip stays flat to the surface it is fixed to. This I did by drilling the pilot hole all the way through, then drill a 1/2" hole from the top to allow access for a screwdriver, after which

using my pillar drill and a countersink bit, I used the 1/2" hole to access the interior, and countersink for the screw head, in that way the screw wont catch on anything.

That just left them all to be sanded again, now I will cut them to the final length, and stain them, before installation.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Mystery Project!

I'm not going to give away what I am working on at the moment, it is a prototype, but I already know that it will do it's job, I just need to get on and get it done.

The basic structure is two strips of 2 x 2 cut from 2 x 4, but I need two sets of these.

As you can see, I then cut a 5/8" channel along each, 3/4" deep using my table saw and Dado blade,
today, I have rounds over one edge on each strip using my router, this was done, because there is a likelihood of bodily contact with these strips, and I don't want any injuries. I then sanded each strip with 80 grit using the Palm sander, after which I hand sanded them to 320 grit.

Now I have got to drill some countersunk fixing holes, and make some plugs to fill the holes so the screw can't be seen, then they can be stained/vanished. Once they are in place, I can then take the measurements for part two of the project.

This isn't a hard project, but it is time consuming, I hope to have these in place before Christmas, but when it will be totally finished I am not sure, as I am still limited as to how long I can work in a stretch.

The only clue I will give is that they are for in the bedroom, and it's nothing kinky!!!! :D

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Pirography Continues

I took the menu board to my neighbour, loved the logo, but did not like the square around it, she had asked for!!! I tried to sand it out, but as it was only 6mm plywood, that didn't work, it went through to the next layer! So much for the example being one of the finished

Anyway for now she only wants six, which is fine, I have finished four

and competed the backgrounds to the last two.

I have also done a sign to Marcela's shop

The idea was to sell them in the shop, but she wanted it, and on the strength of the others, she hasn't sold!!! that will probably be it.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I'm getting there!

I had the operation on my right knee on 26th October, and it seems to have done the trick, I had to take it easy for the first two weeks, then I went back for a check-up, without my walking stick! I am now doing DIY therapy on the treadmill and in the swimming pool, and I can feel the strength returning to my knee. I have been told this should last me five hopefully six years, and then I will have to have a knee replacement, but for the time being I am really pleased.

I go this Friday for a second spinal block, which again hopefully will kill the pain in my back, that will just leave my left knee, which will probably be done sometime next year, but I can live with that for the time being.

I have been spending a bit more time in the workshop, I decided that I was not happy with the fonts I used on the wall hangings in my last post, so I started again.

I did four or five of these, but the trouble is that although Marcela is selling them in her shop, people admire them until they ask the price, which is equivalent to £10 each, and Marcela takes 20%, so it's hardly worth the effort, but it kept me occupied for a few days.

I have now got some more work for my neighbour, she wants some menu boards, to clip the menus to, with the Restaurant Logo.

I took the above photo, printed it to the correct size, and then copied it onto tracing paper, I then used 6mm plywood, and cut out an example board, using carbon paper I then transferred the image onto the ply, and started burning:

It took just over an hour to complete the design, but I was happy with the finished product.

So provided the neighbour is happy with the work, I've only got another seven to do! She talked about painting them to the logo colour, but if she wants that she will have to do it herself, I am no artist.