Tuesday, 25 September 2018

You'll be glad to hear...

The last two days I made a concerted effort, and now the swimming pool is finished, as far as it can be, until summer comes around.

I have re-grouted the shallow end of the pool and the steps out, the deep end of the pool can't be done until we are guaranteed no rain, otherwise the new grout will just be washed out.

Now I will repair the cracks in the surround, using the remainder of the hydraulic cement, unfortunately is shows up cream, but if I then paint over it with the water-proofer I used in the pump sump hole, it should not be so visible.

I now have a new use for the pool, it is my Drone Flight Training area (DFT), I keep the drones (I have three at the moment) within the confines of the pool, and once I am proficient, I will take them up to a height, until now, I have had them stored away, because the garden isn't really big enough, unless you know what you are doing, and I confess, I am still very much a novice.

Unlike other countries I have lived in, there are not the wide open public spaces to use here...unless you own them, even the Sports grounds are locked up when not in use.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Part One Finished

This morning, I did my House husband Duties, then got started on the Pool again, someone asked me why it is taking so long, well in part it has been because, it isn't a job I enjoy, it is necessary, and I wasn't paying anyone else to do it. The second reason is because it is fiddly, you can't rush it, or you may damage the tiles.

I start as I have posted previously by digging out all the old grout to at least 2mm, to allow space for the new grout, I used the multi-tool, because it makes life so much easier, but this tool vibrates instead of cutting, and if you don't have a good grip on it, it will wander, and damage other tiles.

After brushing the tiles to remove all the dust and old grout, you clean up, then mix a bucket of grout, ensuring you don't mix more than you can use whilst it is workable, then comes the fun part.

Using a grout trowel you spread the grout, ensuring that all the joints are filled.

Leave it long enough to start hardening, then take a damp sponge, and wipe off the excess grout.

Then go over it again, removing even more of the excess, as you can see I started this as the top of the pool.

Then finally go over it with a tiling sponge (like a large scouring pad), dry, and the tiles will come up nicely, removing the last of the haze, and powder covering your work area.

That just leaves the floor to mop, followed by tool cleaning, and the job is done, in this case, now all the walls are finished, I have to decide which other parts the weather will let me do, between storms, but today it has been baking, and it was even hotter standing in the pool, so I was glad to have finished, this phase.

I showered, and took the montero out to fill up the natural gas tanks, on the way back I stopped off at the exhaust fitters for a check-up, as it is the annual technical revision in less than two weeks, and I suspected there may be a problem, but fortunately it turned out that everything was fine.

This short trip also checked on yesterdays work on both petrol and gas system, it worked perfectly, and hopefully it continues to do so, I say that, because every time I open my mouth, something goes wrong afterwards!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Oh Dear!

Monday, we had another viewer for the finca, but she isn't going to want here, she wants a finca where she can have music up at maximum volume, and since the local bye-law came in, that means you have your electricity cut off, so Copacabana is not for her, unless she can find one out in the wilds with no neighbours!

Yesterday, I spent the morning de and re-grouting in the pool, I got quite a lot done, and now completed three walls.

with all the broken tiles replaced, I have just got to finish this end wall you can't see in the photo, then it is finished, and leaves me with the floor, which to be honest, I am not sure can be done until the next dry season, as most of the time there is standing water, except maybe the shallow end, I might get that and the steps done.

I am really pleased with the finish, I don't know why we ever tried to regrout it with dark grout when we first came here, it looks much better with white grout.

This morning I had to go into the city for an ultrasound on my right hand, it keeps swelling up and is painful to the touch most of the time, my Doc thought it might be a ganglion cyst, but the ultra sound found nothing there, so it is probably just something else I will have to live with..

From there we went on to collect the results of Marcela's two MRIs they have found a problem, now we just have to wait and see what can be done, she has an appointment tomorrow, so we may know more after that.

Unfortunately, the Clinic she goes to, has closed one of it's car parks as they intend to build on it, but that leaves them short of parking space, I was sat in the queue, whilst Marcela jumped out and went to get her results, and the car died (Montero) the gas has been playing up since Javier did the valve work. Some nice gentlemen gave me a push to get it going on petrol, and then an even nicer Security Guard let me sneak in to the Emergency Dept. car park, I think because I explained Marcela was inside, and being a Foreigner he took pity.

On the way back we went and saw Javier, who despite messing with it, couldn't get it right, so sent us round to the Gas engineer, who cleaned, and recalibrated the system, he thinks there is an electrical problem, but Javier says he is talking rubbish, because it is firing up, so now they have both had a go, I am trying it out, after lunch with Marcela, she went off to work, and I trundled to Copacabana to do the shopping, I have a sneaky suspicion the problem is still there, if I have time, I will take it for another run tomorrow, it may have to go back again.