Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Good News For a Change

We had another family come to look at the house on Sunday, lovely family, but a bit dim! they liked the property but wanted more land, now if they had bothered to read the advert before coming, they would have seen exactly the size of the plot, they want to experiment with growing their own food, so this place is not for them...Oh well, at least the house was clean and tidy!

Yesterday we finally heard from Marcela's Uncle, he only got around to looking at the Nissan in the morning, but he had two Diesel Mechanics look at it, and they didn't think anything was wrong with the engine, or anything else for that matter, most of the problems having been created by Javier, so he undid Javier's work, and took it for it's Revision Tecnico, which was due this Saturday anyway, it sailed through with one warning, which he is repairing at the moment, and we should have the car back tomorrow, or by the week-end at the latest.

That was welcome news, so unless anything else crops up, the bill will be hundreds of thousands, instead of millions, I'm happy with that, I am just angry that Javier made us pay out for new injectors, when possibly we didn't need them, at least they won't need replacing, and i am keeping the old ones as spares.

Yesterday, I lost my shopping, after taking Marcela to work, I went to Copacabana to do the shopping, I buy a little each day, as I only have the bike panniers, which are leather bags, but yesterday I had to get milk, which is probably the heaviest of our purchases, six litres in a packet. As I was riding back up the mountain, I passed a bloke I know, going the other way in his car, and he pointed at the bike, but as everything seemed OK, I kept going, only to find at home, that the milk pannier had broken it's straps, and was dragging on the floor, fortunately not much damage to the bag, only the straps, but the pannier was empty.

I made my way back down the mountain, and came across the same Bloke at the junction with the Motorway, I told him, I hadn't realised what he was trying to tell me, and he asked me to wait, and went into his car, and came out with my shopping, along with one of the bike locks...bless him, fortunately the only thing lost was my plastic spring which warns me the bike lock in on the wheel, but I can live without that. Now I need to get new straps for the bags!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

I can turn my hand to most things!

We are still confined to two wheels, I had the indicator repaired on Monday, he replaced all the electrical cables running around the rear mudguard, as they were all damaged, the cost...£5!

Marcela contacted her Uncle yesterday, and it turns out that he hasn't even started work on the Nissan engine yet, he had to get rid of the cars he was already working on, which is understandable if a bit frustrating, he said he should have an idea of the cost by the week-end, he wanted to do the work himself, and not hand it off to one of his labourers, because that was what caused the problem between us a few years ago. So we wait with bated breath.

In the mean time I am what is locally referred to as a 'mototaxista', a motorcycle taxi, as I have to take and collect Marcela from work, which has been fine until today, when winter returned, with daytime rain, so I am not looking forward to the next week at least, until we get the car back.

We made the decision to advertise the Finca ourselves, I have put it on a number of  websites, and it appears to be paying off, we have had a steady stream of calls enquiring about the property, if we can sell it ourselves, that will save us nearly $10.000.000 COP in commission, which with the recent change in tax laws, to enable the Government to further fill it's coffers, would be a welcome benefit. We have got someone coming to view on Saturday, since we have not yet heard back from the couple last week, anyone coming to look is a bonus.

One woman rang the other day, she was very interested, until she heard that we lived in the house, and would have to find another before we could move out, as she wanted to be in by February 15th, we told her that at best it would be six weeks, and that was if the house we buy, is vacant possession.

So my day is much the same every day at the moment, I get up at 5.30am, prepare Marcela's breakfast, which she takes to work with her, shower, walk the dogs, then have my breakfast, before setting off for Bello at 7.50am, drop Marcela off, then head back to Copacabana to do the shopping, I do a little each day, which is all I can carry on the Bike, then head home, depending on the time, I might stop off for an early Brunch, once home I do a bit of gardening, and then if I haven't stopped off on the way home, have lunch, before sitting at my computer for an hour, then tack up again, to go and fetch Marcela at 2pm, and heading home for a siesta.

At least if I can do a few jobs each day, I can keep on top of the garden, or anything else that needs doing.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

I Wish I had Good News

I've been putting off posting, because there really hasn't been any 'good' news to report, the situation with the car seems to have gone from bad to worse, Javier and the Diesel 'expert' appear to have had us over a barrel, it appears there was nothing wrong with the old injectors a clean would not have resolved, so we paid out millions of pesos for nothing, as a result Marcela has told Javier just what she thinks of him, and we have taken the Nissan back to her Uncle, who we used, before a fall out five years ago, over work supposedly done.

As a result the Nissan was sent for a diagnostic report, and it appears that the problem is not with the Turbo part at all, but with the engine itself, so 'Uncle' is going to strip it down and give us a quote, before we decide whether to pay out more, he has had the car since Thursday, and we are waiting fingers crossed. He thinks it would pass it's Revision Tecnico in it's current state, as they have stopped the black smoke, but there is a compression problem, so if it looks like being silly money, we will get it through it's revision, and sell it at a loss, and start again, but no more turbo diesels!

The Bike has also had it's problems, but they are getting sorted quicker, the day we took the car to Medellin, I noticed a knocking coming from the back wheel area, so the following morning after taking Marcela to work, I called at the workshop in Copacabana to see Andrés, he took it for a run, and decided the problem was the wheel bearings, I thought I would have to return at a later date to have it repaired, but straight into the workshop, back wheel off, bearings replaced on the wheel and the chain cog, and it is fine...Great service!

Then on Friday, when going to fetch Marcela from work, I couldn't understand why I was getting hooted at, I thought it was just impatient drivers, but I then realised that the rear right indicator wasn't working, so when I arrived home, I took the bulb out, it was fine, so the problem had to be electrical.

Therefore yesterday morning, Marcela and I had to go to Copacabana shopping, with her acting as my right rear indicator, her arm was up and down like a Dolphin's flipper, again I stopped to ask Andrés, who had a look and said he knew what the problem was, the cable is fed up the inside of the mudguard, and they drop, rubbing on the tyre, that section of cable needed to be replaced, but it meant removing the rear wheel again, so I arranged to call in on Monday, I will just have to be careful in the meantime.

The Viewers for the finca, I mentioned in my last post, came last Monday, and showed great interest in the house, although they are not cash buyers as we were lead to believe, so we are now waiting on them seeing if they can raise funds.

The Government in their wisdom, are looking at changing the laws on property purchases / selling, no longer will people be able to leave the value unchanged on the escrituras, the escritura will have to show the purchase value. They are saying that direct cash purchases will no longer be allowed, all money will have to be deposited through a Bank Account, to ensure no one avoids paying their taxes, and they are also going to add IVA onto purchases, but at what rate hasn't been stated, this is just an attempt at filling the Government coffers, but I think it will backfire badly on the Government, because people just wont sell their properties, and the housing market will become stagnant, reducing the income the Government receive. Now we just have to wait and see if and when this is introduced.