Saturday, 20 October 2018

Back to Normal

It's been a funny week, with the Father-in-law here, not that I have seen much of him, as he has been to appointments with Marcela, unfortunately, the eye Specialist confirmed that he has glaucoma, so he has to go on drops, and then come back for more tests, he also had to visit the Catholic Church to obtain a copy of his marriage certificate as a document needed to obtain his pension starting next month, but it turns out that the Church entered his surnames the wrong way around in the register, so he has to return to see the Monsignor to see if he will issue a waver, and then the certificate can be altered, as it is, he wont get his pension on time.

Yesterday I went into the City to do the bulk frozen food shop, and whilst there went to the supermarket I had found another supply of marmalade in, to find they had none, the air was blue, whether they had just sold out, or they were not going to restock, no one seemed to know, so I will just have to keep calling in.

Today, Marcela took her Father to the bus, to go home, and then we took both cars to have a quote on body repairs, before selling them, the Logan had vandal scratches that were on it when we bought it, I just thought it would look better to sell, and the Montero, is going to have a couple of areas of damage repaired and repainted, and a good polish. We will then sell the Logan first, because with that and our savings we can buy the Toyota Prado, then once that is fitted with reversing sensors and a towbar, we will sell the Montero.

We were pleasantly surprised that the total quote for both cars came to a fraction over one million (£250 / $325), so we left the Logan with him, and it will be ready on Wednesday, then Marcela will swap cars, and they will repair the Montero, we found the guy through recommendation, and that for me is nearly always the best way, so fingers crossed it is a good job.

The owner of the company gave us some surprising information, apparently cars with a gas conversion fetch less money than non converted cars, apparently over here gas conversions are not popular, because of the damage caused to engines, through not using the main fuel enough. I really did not expect that, and he said to remember that when buying a replacement car.

We are now back home, and hoping for a relaxing week-end.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Life Changing!

I am beginning to like this life, it has been so quiet, without contact from the neighbours, unfortunately that uncertainty about their intent still exists, so we won't feel totally safe until we have moved, which looks like it wont be anytime soon. Marcela was contacted on Friday by the Comisionista in Copacabana to say she had someone who wanted to see the finca on Saturday, but we heard no more! I am getting the impression that selling houses over here really isn't their top priority, we now have seven working for us, and only two viewings, both from one Comisionista.

It has also been a nice break with Marcela, she has been at home since her medical appointment on Friday, because it has been a Bank Holiday week-end, again. We went out for the day on Sunday, going up to Llanogrande for lunch, and then on to San Antonio de Pereria for dessert, unfortunately the Sunday market there was poor, as it has been on our last couple of visits, so after dessert, we made our way home, we were very fortunate with the weather, it was a lovely sunny day, albeit we saw the clouds rolling in on the drive back.

Yesterday, the Father-in-law, Henry, arrived. He has an urgent eye appointment on Thursday, I still find it unacceptable that someone has to travel five hours for such an appointment, I guess I was lucky, landing so close to the city, where most of the Specialists can be found. I will certainly find him some work to do whilst he is here!

The other decision we, or maybe I should say I have made, is that it is time to sell both of our cars and go for one, the Montero is still playing up, and I don't want to spend any more cash on this one. There are so few Monteros on the market, because they are ultra popular, so we are now looking at a Prado, again dual fuel, gasoline (petrol) and gas, for the economics more than anything, especially as the Town Halls down the valley are doing a study to see if they should include environmentally friendly vehicles in 'Pico y Placa' (prohibited from entering built up areas between certain times on certain days of the week), the idea was to cut fumes, now they are saying they want to cut traffic numbers, so there will be no incentive to buy environmentally friendly vehicles, other than economics, with large engine vehicles. Yet another money spinner!

Before we can sell out cars, I want to get some damage repaired on both of them, we bought the Logan with vandal scratches down the side, I wasn't bothered by them, the car was great and nearly new, but for resale, it would be better to have them removed. The Montero on the other hand, has some damage from cars bashing it on car parks, and the other week, I caught the rear wheel arch on a rock at the side of the road, when driving up the Vereda, trying to avoid a bus. That would probably sell well even with the damage, being duel fuel, but I rather get it fixed first. Will we survive with only one car, which Marcela will need most days? I really don't know, I can use taxis to go shopping, but if I feel trapped, I may get another bike, one suitable for life in a Vereda, on the side of a mountain, whether it be here on somewhere else.

Friday, 12 October 2018

The Cat is Out of The Bag!

It's been a non productive week on the whole, Wednesday I went to give blood for routine tests that came back normal, yesterday we went for Marcela's optician check up, fortunately no change, but with four years and the same specs, it was time for a new pair. We then went for lunch, and I came home, whilst Marcela headed for work.

Late that afternoon, the bell at the gate went, I saw a car stopped outside, and thought it was someone looking for a finca by the same name further up the mountain, so I went out, a young girl was by the gate, and a woman in the car, who asked at the top of her voice, if our finca was for sale, unfortunately 'Enimigo' was within hearing! So now all the neighbours will know our intentions. It turned out the woman was a local estate agent / realtor, trying to drum up business, I gave her Marcela's contact details, but she has not made contact.

There is still no indication what they intend the Barbers to re-open as, all the furniture has been removed, and the interior repainted, I don't really care, as long as it doesn't bring parking problems along with it.

This morning we were up super early as Marcela had a medical appointment on the other side of the city.

I took the dogs for their walk, had breakfast then I had some remedial work to be done, with all the torrential rain we have had, part of the azulina hedge in the garden had toppled over onto the lawn, fortunately it had not uprooted. I was able to get a strand of wire under the hedge and lever it back up into place, then wire it to the perimeter fence. After which, I headed down to Copacabana to do the shopping for yet another Bank holiday week-end.

That's it for yet another grey and dismal Colombian winter's day, even though it is still warm.