Friday, 6 January 2012

Everything is so slow!

The wheels of bureaucracy turn extremely slowly. Yesterday, I heard from the company sorting out my Visa, and once I arrive and hand over the original documents, they will take five days to translate and legalise, then a further ten days to obtain the Visa, which is longer than I was lead to believe.

In the afternoon, I spoke with José, who is buying the house, he has heard nothing from his Bank regarding his money, but that is not really a surprise, with Christmas, New Year, and Three Kings, I think that the Bank has been shut more than open. José is going to speak with the Bank on Monday, and coming here, to discuss the situation on Tuesday morning.

Then this morning, I had an email from Marcela, to say that she has been delayed in renting an apartment for us, because of the papers the Management Company want before they will rent to her, so we will be living in the Family home for a few days at least, which is not a problem, because now at least, I will be with Marcela when we buy a bed and a sofa for the apartment, which has made me happy... why? that is another story, ha!ha!

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