Saturday, 7 January 2012

Highs and Lows

On Thursday I went to the Medical Centre, and the Doctor said he was giving me a prescription for three months worth of tablets, to give me time to register with a Doctor in Colombia. However the system has now changed, and you are not given a prescription, you take your medical card to the Farmacia and the computer throws up the prescription. I was told they did not have the tablets, and to return today, which I have done, only to be told that the computer lets me have a maximum of one month, and if I want more I will have to return to the Doctor and get a written one, but there is no time... hopefully I will be able to buy the tablets over the counter, if not, I will just have to be careful.

Last night, I told Marcela, that I was not happy with the way she was being dealt with by the Agent dealing with the apartment rental, and sent her links to others, as a result, she is going to look at another today, which hopefully will be easier to rent, and give us a bit more room. I will know more later today.

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