Saturday, 28 January 2012

I am an inch shorter!

Yesterday, was a long day! We left here at 10am and Marcela had to do some chores in town, after which we headed for Medellin.

Firstly we went to look at some second hand office furniture, but decided that it was too dangerous to get out of the car in the area, so scrapped that idea. We then parked in the centre of Medellin, and Marcela went into her Company office to drop off some documents, after which we went for lunch.

From there we trudged across town ( Yep! you guessed it, traipsing around Cities, is not my idea of joy!) and went to a couple of Jewellers where they make rings to order, to order our wedding rings, we checked on mainstream Jewellers, but they were more expensive. We ended up back at the first one we had visited, and placed our order.

Then it was another hike, to Marcela's Notary, to get copies of her documents for the Notary conducting the wedding, we go to see him on Monday.

After wearing another inch off the soles of our shoes, we were back at the car, but far from finished!

On the way back we stopped off at the hypermarket, and bought another desk and chair, and a unit for the lounge to put the phone and music centre on, then did our food shopping, then home!

Back home, I put together the unit for the lounge, and then checked my email, there was one to say that my visa has been granted, but there was a mix up over the payment, I had paid too much, and the Agent in Bogota was returning on Monday to get a refund, however this was wrong, and the lower price only applied to US Citizens, and was going to cause an unnecessary delay, so I fired off another email...

This morning I received a reply apologising, and that my passport with visa, would be back either Monday or Tuesday, so fingers crossed!

I was up at 7.30am, leaving Marcela to sleep in,  I cut up a pineapple, and some meat we had bought, and put the meat in the freezer. Then I put together my desk and chair, and now I am up and running! By this time Marcela had appeared, we had breakfast, I went for my shower.

Now I am preparing lunch of cauliflower cheese, and then we are off out again!


  1. Take it easy mister! Cant wait for you to finally put your feet up and relax and enjoy your new ife. Love to you both.xx

  2. ooppss, sorry my L doesn't work properly.x

  3. Thanks Jo, we are getting there...slowly!


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