Friday, 13 January 2012

A new beginning!

I left Cadiar at 4am yesterday, and arrived in Bello at 1.30am Spanish time, (7.30pm Colombian). The trip over was uneventful, there was as short delay at Madrid, but that time was made up on route, however I did not get much sleep, the plane was full, and there were plenty of crying babies!

I was met at Medellin Airport by Marcela and her brother-in-law Oscar, and back at the house, Maria (Marcela's mother), along with her sister Sandra, and nephew Sebastian, were all waiting, with belated birthday celebrations, what a lovely welcome and a great surprise!

After a good night's sleep, it is time to start getting busy again, hopefully we are moving into a rental apartment nearby, next week. My main priority now, it to organise the final arrangements for my Visa, which hopefully will get underway later today.

What don't I miss at the moment... the cold... it is lovely and warm here! and what am I most looking forward to... my new life with Marcela!


  1. Glad you arrived safely, miss you loads. Have fun in your new life with Marcela. Speak .... Jo. x x

  2. Good luck from us, good to hear you arrived safely

    Terry and Heather


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