Saturday, 21 January 2012

Relatively... a lazy day.

It has been a bit more relaxed today, we had a good first nights sleep in the apartment, and woke late by this weeks standards! I then had a cold shower, and Marcela went round to Mum's for a hot one...coward! While Marcela was away I decided to put her desk and chair together, and to be honest it was a pleasure, I think it is the first time I have had flat-pack instructions that made sense, and every part was in the box, clearly labelled!

I also tried to ring the UK, but kept getting an engaged tone, when Marcela returned, she rang the phone company, and international calling has to be activated, and will take twenty four hours!

Marcela then prepared a lovely lunch, while she was doing that, I brushed through the house, we then changed and went off to visit her nephew who had a hernia operation this morning, but he appears to have had no after effects, and other than being a bit groggy, from the anaesthetic, he was his usual cheeky self.

We then went shopping again! but this time only two bags of goods, much more civilised!

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