Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wedding Plans

It has been ultra hot here today, or maybe I should say humid with no breeze, and really it has been the first day that I have felt, uncomfortable.

This morning was spent cleaning, and catching up on correspondence, just after midday we left here, and went first to pick up my translated and legalised documents for the wedding, now I just have to wait for my visa.

Then after lunch in one of the Shopping Malls, we went to the Wedding venue, Marcela has picked a very nice place, the set up, is similar to having your civil wedding at a Hotel in the U.K. the differences are in the way the Reception is handled, I am told by 'Her Indoors' that you receive your meal altogether on one plate, main course and sweet, should be interesting!! You also have your photos taken with a false cake, which ke.eps the cost down, and you are dished out something from behind the scenes, but if it is as tasty as the piece I was given today, it will be very nice. We have been invited on Saturday evening to go for a sample meal and cocktail, although I will decline the latter, and let Marcela make that decision!


  1. Caught up with you now hun.x

    1. Good job I knew the comment was from you Jo... ha!ha!


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