Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another busy morning

Everything seemed to go smoothly this morning, and consequently we had everything doen in double quick time!

I was at the dentist at 9.30am and had my plastic crowns removed, and replaced with semi permanent ones, the Specialist was not happy with the colour match, although they look great to me, so she is changing them when I get back from the honeymoon, and then hopefully they will be permanent, I have just got to hope that these stay on longer than the previous ones.

From the Dentist, I picked up Marcela, who had been running errands in town, and we went back to the Salon, where we had the wedding, to pick up some things, and from there we called at the Notary's Office to collect our copy of the wedding certificate, and as Marcela said to me... There is no escape now! hahaha! however I did point out that, the certificate was handed to her, and not me, at which, she promptly put it in my hands!

Back to Bello, where we had lunch, did some shopping, and headed home. Marcela has now gone to the hairdressers like a nervous child, as she has decided to have her hair cut into a bob, which she has never done before, it always having been long.

Other than packing our suitcases, I think we are just about ready to head off for the Honeymoon, and we are both looking forward to relaxing for a fortnight.

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