Sunday, 12 February 2012

Final Wedding Dress Fitting!

Yesterday, we had Sebastian for the day, as Sandra was still in the Clinic, and his Father at work, he was a handfull, and in one of those, I'll see how far I can push you, moods. We took him out for lunch, did some shopping, then returned home.

We had to be in Medellin for 5pm as Marcela had her last Wedding Dress fitting, but we left early, because we had a call from Maria Elena, who was with Sandra, to say that she was being discharged, so we collected them first.

Whilst Sebastian, and the Girls went to the Wedding Shop, I went off to an Office Suppliers nearby, and got some bits for the Office, then called at a cafe nearby for some 'refreshment'!!

When the Ohhs! and Ahhs! had finished, we headed home, dropping the family off at Maria Elena's house, we then had some supper, before having an early night. Unfortunately we did not benefit from it, as someone, not from our estate, had an all night party, so we did not get a lot of sleep.

This morning, we did the house cleaning between us, and then I prepared lunch, whilst Marcela was trying to catch up on some work. This afternoon, we were visited by the whole family, it was  nice to see them all, and as usual, Sebastian kept both Maria Elena and myself busy!!

We are having a quiet evening, before hopefully getting a good night sleep.

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