Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I haven't forgotten you!

For a change I have had three or four days, with nothing to report... Bliss!!!

On Sunday, we had a family day out to San Antonio, where we had lunch, and then Sebastian had his fun,

Sebastian on the inflatable rock-wall/slide
                                                                            Sebastian on a Pony ride

                                                          Lunch with a difference!                                                    

 From there, we were going to go to a big park nearby for a walk, but it was a Bank Holiday week-end here, and the car park was packed, so we decided not to stop, which was fortunate, because on the way home, the sun disappeared, and it hammered down with rain!

We have been fairly lucky for the last few days, the thunder storms have been at night, so we have not had to get the brollies out!

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