Thursday, 24 May 2012

Back to work!

Yersterday, I started by sending off a few emails to family and friends, doing my ironing, and some house cleaning.

After lunch, we had to go into the City, as Marcela had to go into the Office to sign some paperwork. From there we called at Carrefour for a drink as we were both parched, and whilst poking around saw that they had some walking boots on offer, so we bought a pair for Marcela, I already have some, but unless we both had suitable footwear, our choice of walks was somewhat limited.

This morning Marcela was up early, she had to go into the Office for the weekly meeting, and this was her first time driving since her operation, I have heard from her, and it was fine. Whilst she has been out I have continued to scan documents and try to make some sense of her filing system, how she ever found a file, I have no idea, but hopefully when every file is scanned, and hard copies filed in order, she will find it easier.

I have just been on the phone to family in the UK, who don't have internet access, and we have been catching up on our news, once Marcela is back, we are going out for lunch, and I am told we are going to buy some new pyjamas for me, why... I have no idea, there is plenty of mileage in the ones I have got! ha!ha!

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