Sunday, 20 May 2012


Thank goodness it is a bit cooler today! grey skies and miserable but more comfortable... No pleasing some people is there?!

Yesterday was a bit of a hotpotch day, I continued scanning Marcela's documents, and had to organise three lunch sittings, as Marcela was hungry at 12.30pm, I was hungry at 1.30pm and Maria Elena did not arrive until after 3pm! so the day was a bit disjointed.

Maria Elena started her computer lessons, I think it will be fairly easy because she is only interested in being able to use the internet, much of yesterday was spent just teaching her how to turn the computer on and off, and accessing the internet, so we will see how much she remembers next week!

Today, I am told that Maria Elena is making lunch, and I am not to prepare anything. Marcela has ventured downstairs for the first time, and as long as she takes it easy, I think that is a good thing. As for anything else, at this moment I haven't got a clue!

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