Monday, 28 May 2012

Fast work!

This morning Marcela rang the Grua who came and collected the car about 7.30am, and took it off to Medellin.

We had our breakfast, and I sat at the computer, Marcela had disappeared, I thought it was quiet, so went upstairs, and she was back in bed!!! lazy devil!

Once she was ready we headed off on foot into Bello, it was a warm trek, but Marcela had bills to pay! once that was doen we stopped for a cold drink before heading back. Stopping off at Maria Elena's on the way to solve a problem or two. By this time we had heard from 'Uncle' and the car was ready for collection, he has replaced both the thermostat, and water pump, so what the bill will be, I have no idea.

We have just had lunch, and I am waiting for Marcela to get herself organised and then we will call a taxi to go and collect the car.

Update... we have been to collect the car, and I was pleasantly surprised at the price... Thanks Hernan!

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