Friday, 4 May 2012

More Officialdom!

We were out at 10.30am today, Marcela had to meet a Client in the City, but he did not turn up!! From there we went on to the Car Centre to complete the next stage of my Driving Licenses, but it took us nearly an hour to cross town in the traffic, we arrived as they were going for lunch, I only had to have my photo taken to go on the licenses, I thought they would have used those I had to supply at the time of my Medical, but those were for the file!

We also went for lunch, and on our return, I had my photos taken, and was told I could collect them after 3pm on Monday!

Having fought our way out of the City, we headed back to Bello, because I wanted to catch the Administrator re my Health Service subs. The system is complicated here to say the least, you either go to the Office every month, collect a code, then go to a Bank or Supermarket to pay your monthly subs, or you can do it online, but that is not much easier, you have to go onto the site, declare your monthly income, they come back with your bill for that month, and you can either try to pay it online, or print it off and pay as before. However we couldn't work out how to access the site!!!! so after being shown, and being given printed instructions, we headed off, and I will try it next month, as we paid this months in the Supermarket the other day.

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