Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Not a lot to report, I got on the scales this morning, and jumped off sharpish... I think they must be broken, or need new batteries... there again, maybe not! ha!ha!ha!

Mid morning, I went for a swim with Marcela and Maria Elena, it was damn cold getting into the pool. Maria Elena cannot swim, and wants to learn, with a bit of tuition, and Marcela supporting her, she was eventually able to float on her back unaided, so well done to her.

We all then went out for lunch to a Crepes & Waffles, I have never been to one before, it was OK, but I wouldn't rave about it. I had a chicken, mushroom and asparagus Pan Cook, which is a huge crispy loaf, hollowed out, and filled with the above mentioned, and then the top replaced, it was certainly novel.

Back home, I have been doing more scanning and filing of Marcela's office files, there is no end in sight!

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