Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day Trip

Surprisingly yesterday went as planned!  After we were both up, we went swimming, and it was swimming rather than messing about, I certainly felt my age, and knew I had not done any serious swimming for years.
After a shower and breakfast, we set off to walk into town, where we bought some strawberries, had a drink, and then walked home, by which time the sun was above and we were sweltering.

Back home, and a late lunch, we did some work in the Office, and then I went for a siesta, the day passed quickly and I think we were both glad to hit the sack last night!

Today we are taking the family with us, and heading off for Santa Fe de Antioquia, a popular haven for tourists, and somewhere I have not yet visited, but seen on You Tube! it is already hot here, I am told it will be even hotter there so I will be looking for somewhere under cover to hide from the humidity.

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