Sunday, 3 June 2012

Early start...

Early start this morning... up at 6.45am, and then out to clean the car, using my new power washer, and hoping I woke up all the neighbours who kept me awake last night!!!

After washing the car, it was time to start on the apartment, I started downstairs, as her Ladyship, had not surfaced, when she heard the hoover she was soon up and about (9am, quite late enough even on a Sunday!) and helping with the cleaning. That finished, we had breakfast, then went for a shower, to discover that the water pressure was down, and the shower only ran cold. So we kept testing it, until it increased enough for Marcela to have a hot shower, but sods law, when it came to my turn it was back to cold, so no chance of going back to sleep after that!

I then watched the latter part of the Jubilee River Pageant on the Thames, despite the rain it was a great occasion, and I am glad that I was able to watch it live on-line.

It has just turned 1.30pm, Marcela is making lunch, the smells are drifting through... can't wait! I expect we will have family visitors later, so at least all the other jobs are now completed.

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