Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting lazy!

It was an early start this morning, well, not that early! I got up at eight o'clock, and went out to wash the car. Whilst outside, Marcela got up, and was ready to start cleaning the inside of the car, when I finished.

I then had my breakfast, and sat to do some work on my computer. I should not admit to this, but since the whole of Colombia seems to survive on pirate software, I am not too worried (when we went to buy Marcela's laptop, most of the shops were selling computers with a pirate Windows OS), last night I downloaded a torrent copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have now installed this program, and I am using it to write this post. Because I spent the time doing the voice training, it seems to be reasonably error-free, if I can be patient and learn all the commands, I think this will be an excellent program.

Both yesterday and today have been cloudy, although it is still very warm, so I'm not sure, what our arrangements are for this afternoon, but I'm sure something will come along.

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