Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More Holidays!

Yesterday was yet another National Fiesta, they have more here than in Spain!! The Family came around mid-morning, and we all went to the swimming pool, where Sebastian was brilliant and went solo in the big pool with arm bands...well done!

The afternoon I spent on the computer, trying to get a site to work, where I could log all my Medical history, eventually I got there, but by that time I had a headache!

This morning I have cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, whilst Marcela has been out at a business meeting, and this afternoon I have my first Doctor's appointment, to keep on top of my blood pressure, which at the moment is fine.

OK... that was interesting, the Doc was a smashing bloke, although I had trouble hearing him over the air con and people shouting in the waiting room. The Clinic is off the multi-storey car park at the Commercial Centre, and as soon as we entered we encountered someone who had a bad case of wind!! This made a decision for Marcela, who said I was going into the Private Insurance sector, whether I liked it or not!

Anyway... back to the Doc, he took a brief history, my BP, weight and listened to ensure my heart was still beating, then told me that I would be entered into a BP Program, and my first appointment is Friday, then every three months, however before that I have got to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, to go into Town, and give blood and other samples, this before 9am, and then back to the Clinic before 10am for an ECG.

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