Friday, 13 July 2012


Yesterday, was filled with routine, so nothing to report. This morning I did my housework, which didn't take long and after updating myself with current events, we headed off to the City. Fortunately we had umbrellas in the car, because we had a Tropical Storm, and it has continued to rain for the rest of the day.

Once in the City, I trooped round after Marcela, whilst she completed her work tasks for the morning, then she took me to a Mexican for lunch, and it was very nice...whatever it was!!

From there we went round to one of our favourite shops, and whilst I mooched, Marcela chose some more books to read. Then we went to a tobacco and wine shop that Marcela had located, and she bought me a pipe cleaning tool, so my home-made gadgets can go in the cupboard for now!

Then it was back home, still pouring with rain, once in the apartment it stopped, but now I am praying for it to start again, because  neighbours a few doors down are arranging a BBQ outside, which will mean yet another noisy night!

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