Friday, 26 October 2012

Bl@@dy Car!!!

We set off this morning, and took the car to a friend of Marcela's Uncle who has a windscreen business, we left the car with him, and went off to the local Commercial Center to pass the time.

Whilst having lunch, we received a call, to say there was a problem, so we hoofed it back, to find the car in bits, passenger seat removed, under carpet out and dripping in the sun etc. we were soon aware that it was nothing as cheap as the windscreen seal.

The battery tray had rotted through, and it is above the passenger foot-well, so every time it rained the water flooded into the tray, and then into the car. The owner who for some reason is nicknamed 'Osama', (he looks as if he is related to Marcela's Uncle!!) was great, he said to leave the seat, and he would dry out the carpet, when the car is repaired to return and he will refit it all.

From there we headed off to Hernan's Garage (Uncle!) and after a chat, we left for home in a taxi, only to receive a phone call half way back, to say the rot is more serious than first thought, and will require some major work! Hopefully we will have the car back by Monday night, but no guarantees. If you will excuse the pun, 'it never rains but it pours'.

One bit of good news, we had a call this evening to say my Credit card has been issued, and I should have it Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I think we are hopping in a taxi to the Commercial Center, to try and sort out my glasses, so watch this space!!

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