Saturday, 27 October 2012

OK... When does the good run start?

Without banning myself from my own Blog, our car is destined for more work now.  Hernan rang Marcela, to say that we had been lucky that the battery had not dropped through into the passenger compartment, it was so rotten, he has cut out the effected area and re-plated it, however that is not the end of it, I suspected the Clutch was on it's way out, but hoped it would last until we got rid of it, with no date for that in sight, Hernan does not believe it will last long, so is changing it on Monday, and we will have the car back later in the day. It is going to be a frugal month, once we have paid for this!

We went (by Taxi) to the Commercial Centre, and the Optician, she was not happy to see me again...  and is sending the glasses back to the Lab to be checked, she said that it may be that I need a deeper frame, but I had already supplied a frame with the biggest lens I have ever worn, any bigger, and I will be having problems with the weight. Anyway, I will now be without them for some time, as once the Lab have made contact, I might have to return and choose another frame! The other option, is to go back to separate glasses.

I don't think we will be getting much sleep again tonight, they are setting up for some sort of Fiesta in the Club, so I have made sure my eBook is charged up.

That's it for now, unless we win the Lottery tonight, I do not anticipate things changing for a few days.

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