Friday, 12 October 2012


Firstly with regard to the problems with the typeface on the Blog pages, I have now resolved that by redoing all the pages, and now know how to ensure it does not happen again...I hope!

Secondly with regard to my new spectacles, I spent the rest of yesterday changing my sitting position at the computer, distance from the computer, and a few other options, but it did not seem to make any difference, so this morning we went back to the Optician, and saw a different one, who checked my Specs, and rechecked my eyes, only to find the previous Optician had written the wrong prescription, so the lenses have got to be redone.

It was a good job that, I did not persevere with the glasses, as I had considered doing, now I have got to wait another eight days before they return, so it is back to my reading specs, and screwed up eyes again.

However I have to be accompanied, when I go back to collect my glasses, I did not notice, but apparently the Optician was giving me the eye (must be getting old!) and I think Marcela was only a whisker away from flattening her...ha!ha! so I spent the rest of the time, in the Centre, winding up Marcela, but I have decided that is not a good idea...Ouch!!

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