Monday, 5 November 2012

Little Things...!

Is is amazing how small things can change how you feel about a day!  On Friday afternoon, I went for my two monthly blood pressure clinic, and had lost 3kg and 3cm off my waist, so the Doc was happy, as we were in the local shopping Centre, we decided to go for a coffee, and went to a Café we had not used previously, we were given menus, which I thought odd as we only wanted a coffee, but I was glad we were...

On looking through the menu, the first thing I saw was something that closely resembled an  English pasty! and further down, a drink described as a Spanish coffee (Cafe Español), the only downside that I could see was that the pasty was described as an Empanada Argentina, but I wasn't going to let that put me off!

When they came, the pasty was delicious, and yes, it was a pasty!!!! The Spanish coffee was great, but not like any coffee I had in Spain, and not as good, but certainly the best I have had here. This is now going to be my local watering hole. :)

I have heard no more regarding my spectacles, so hopefully I will know something this week, although it will not be today, because unlike the rest of the world, All Saints Day is today here, and a Public Holiday.

Likewise I don't know any more about the situation in Spain, attempts to contact the Gestor last week, drew a blank, but hopefully I will know more this week.

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