Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not much to report!

We heard at the beginning of the week that the Documents sent to Barcelona for a signature, had been returned to the Court, so the next stage in the issue of the new House Deeds is to have a notice in the Town Hall for 2 weeks, then following that an advert in the local Paper (?) since as far as I am aware there isn't one, that should be interesting! So I don't think there will be any updates in that quarter for the next month.

Last Saturday, I had my first 'Family' English Class, six very attentive Students, and Sebastian at four years (OK... five in a weeks time!) tried very hard, Bless him! It went very well, although I am thinking that the bribe of booze and nibbles afterwards if they were good, may have had something to do with it.

We spent last week devoted to our new Elliptical exercise machine, and it is definitely working, as we have both lost weight. However we have a problem, one of the nuts keeps coming off, exactly at the eight minute mark, I gave up trying to repair it, but the problem is that the nut is a specialist one, it winds on the bolt in reverse, and we have been unable to buy a replacement, so we have claimed under the warranty, but not knowing exactly when they are coming, I had one final go, and used plumbers tape under the nut... it seems to have worked, so we are back in action!

My wrist is much better, I still have some problems with it, but nothing I can't live with, it could have been worse.

Well, that is about it for this week, hopefully I will have more of interest next time!

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