Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Still no news!

Sunday we went out for a trip to look at more Towns, this time Marinilla and La Ceja, south east of Medellin, you can see the write up on the 'Towns and Villages' page! It was nice to have a day away from the apartment, Marinilla is definitely in the running as far as house hunting is concerned, it is a woodworkers dream, there are so many businesses selling raw timber :)

Now I have got my life here sorted with Officialdom, I now need to sort out the situation in Spain, and the news is not so good from there, is appears my friend with Power of Attorney misunderstood the information given to him, and we are not as far ahead as we thought... it's a good job we haven't got a gas oven!!

Anyway, I have now laid my cards on the table, and he along with the buyer of my house, have been down to the Court in Orgiva, and started putting the pressure on, and it is their intention to go there every Monday until this is resolved.  Marcela is going to speak with the Gestor dealing with the paperwork, hopefully today, if we can get hold of him. Otherwise all we can do is wait, but the situation has become rather farcical, no one seems to have a clue.

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