Saturday, 9 February 2013

A lot of running about!

Tuesday came, and no refund from the Opticians, let me just warn you...Do not upset Marcela, she bombarded the office every 20 minutes, getting one excuse after the other, she then rang the Shop again, and as a result the Boss got involved, and by close of business Wednesday a cheque had been deposited in my Bank, what would I do without her! Thanks my Love.

In the meantime, Tuesday afternoon, I had my BP check-up with the Doctor, and all went well, I have my next appointment in May!

Yesterday, Marcela rang the Migración Office, as it is a month since I applied for my Cedula (ID Card), and surprise surprise, no it is not there, and no idea when it will be, although they hope by the end of the month. However they are obviously not that hopeful themselves, as they have issued another Contraseña (Temp Cedula), so we went to collect it, and this time it was already laminated, and not just a piece of paper, so they obviously think I may have this one for some time, well it does not expire until 2015!

Last night Marcela went out for a works do, to say good-bye to her Boss, who has been promoted, so I had the evening to myself, and watched a couple of films, before going to bed, and she rolled in at 2.30am, sober as a Judge! but having had a good time.

Today, we went out shopping, then I had to prepare for my English Lesson, which went off well, the Family are certainly learning, I am proud of them.

Tomorrow, we are going out for the day, to look at another possible area for house buying, I will report on that in my next Post.

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