Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another Quiet Week

The weeks seem to go in dips and surges, there is not a lot to report this week, we called at the Opticians, I think the Optician herself has been trying to make it hard to get the money back, the Receptionist seemed surprised when she looked and the money was not ready for us, and embarrassed whilst on the phone to their Head Office, she ended up giving the phone to Marcela.

Anyway after a couple more phone calls by Marcela, in which she mixed a bottle for the Optician, and threatened to go to the Authorities, we were told, the money would be in my account on Tuesday... we will see!

The weather has continued to be sweltering hot, but I saw today that the next two weeks are shown to be mostly grey and wet, however you can bet it will still be very humid!

Other than my daily dose on the exercise machine, preparing for my English Class later today, and moderating the forum, I haven't much else to report. So on that note I will sign off.

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