Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Early Rises

On Sunday we had our day out as planned, Maria Elena came with us, and we had a nice day out, firstly going to La Estrella, and then Caldas, our trip report is listed under 'Towns & Villages' so I won't repeat myself here.

Again there is not much to report this week, our time has been taken up with one or other of us going to Medical Centres, nearly every day this week for tests, of one sort or another, nothing serious, but it has meant more than our fair share of early rises, this morning being the last for a while at 4.30am... I don't think they like sleeping over here!

Next week it is our first Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, so we are going away for four days, only a couple of hours away, but it is far hotter, and hopefully the weather, which has been playing up this week, will be kind to us! More about that on our return.

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