Monday, 15 April 2013

Bigger than we thought!

I have to say I was wondering having seen the size of Pépe's paws as to whether he was a miniature, and after a visit to the Vet for a check-up today, Marcela decided to contact the Breeder, and he is a bigger boy, he is a 'Standard' not a 'Miniature, it certainly doesn't alter how we feel about him, or the fact that he will probably eat us out of house and home!

Pépe and his friend 'Baa Lamb'
Yesterday we picked him up at 11am, and he spent most of the day sleeping, cage training certainly is not going to be a problem, he went in, and wouldn't come out to play!

Cage training
I want a siesta to, Dad!

Because we didn't want to leave him alone on his first day, we had our siesta on the sofa, not to be left out Pépe decided to join us.

We paid for it last night, he woke us every hour and a half, lovely little fellow!!

He is certainly an intelligent dog, I bought an aid to house training, it is a tray, with a rack in it, on which sits a patch of imitation grass, and he is already going on to it for a pee, the other he gives us a bit of advance warning, so we plonk him on the grass, he is certainly getting the idea.

He also seems to like computers....
Techy Pépe!!!

The great part is that Marcela has taken to him... now if she can just stop treating him like a baby.
Mum and Baby doing well!

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