Thursday, 11 April 2013

More downs than ups!

I should learn to keep my big mouth shut... I had hoped to have better news this week, but nothing changes!

I cancelled my new Acupuncture appointment, because Marcela had found a miracle Gel, that eased the problem, and I started my exercising again, unfortunately I went out for a walk last night, and stepping on and off pavements jarred my back, by the time I arrived home, I could hardly move, Oh well, par for the course I suppose.

Today, I had an email from Spain to say there is yet another delay in issuing the new Escritura, as the Court has not finished double checking the paperwork, before sending it off to the Fiscal for signing off, and no idea how much longer that might take.

So decision time, I need something else to keep me occupied, and therefore we are going to go ahead and buy a puppy, Marcela wants a miniature Schnauser, so as the intention is to eventually have two dogs, mine being bigger, we will go for the Schnauser first, and get him/her trained up, then buy the second when we eventually move.

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