Monday, 8 July 2013

Give me Strength!

This morning I had an email from Spain, to say the dates given to me are all wrong, for completion of the Escritura we are now looking at 22nd before it can even go to the Registry, so we are probably looking at the end of August  into September now. To say I was feeling down is an understatement, the Gestor involved, appears to be totally incompetent, and I think he has been giving us any old information, in the hope of keeping me quiet, unfortunately for him, he doesn't know me, liars and fraudsters will suffer when this is all over.

Later in the morning we went to San Juan, (part of Medellin) because we had been having problems for some time with the electric windows on the car, it turned out that all three switches needed replacing, and the previous owner had obviously had his/her own problems and tried to repair them with solder, which worked temporarily, but it had run it's course. The good news was that for labour and the 3 switches it was only £40... result!

This coming Saturday we are off to Medellin International Airport,   to see F-Air 2013, which is the South American International Air Show, we have got our tickets, and my earplugs are ready, it should be fun, I don't think I have been to an Air Show since I was a Kid!

Next week, more Medical Tests, but thats another story.

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