Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day out!

Marcela, Pépe and myself left home at 10.30am, to head to Ebejico about 55km away, we were well prepared, water and treats for Pépe, towels, seat covers, and away we went.

It was Pépe's first outing that wasn't to a Vet, so he was in trepidation, but seemed to settle, he was on the back seat with Marcela, unfortunately about two thirds of the way there, he was car sick, whether it was all down to nerves, I don't know, I certainly hope so, I don't want car travelling to be a problem, and he had no further upsets, so fingers crossed!

We had gone to check out the area, there were a couple of properties of interest, but although it was a lovely area, the access was horrendous, I will say no more, the write up and photos are on the Towns & Villages page, if you are interested.

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