Thursday, 1 August 2013

Had better weeks!

Not the best of weeks, things started at the end of last week, P├ępe was losing / breaking his puppy teeth, as a result he started with the trots, we changed over to boiled rice and chicken, alternated with scrambled egg, but that did not solve the problem, so on Monday we starved him for 24hrs, and to be honest, he was great about it, more so than Marcela who was worried sick, he was going to drop dead with starvation... some hope! We then had him on rice and chicken for two days, and now he is fine again, and back on his biscuits.

That solved,  I went down with the flu, not funny when I had paid for my flu injection only three weeks ago. I spent one morning in bed, but it didn't help, so was up and about again, after three days, I am finally shaking it off...I think! Not sure whether I will bother to have another jab though.

I had another email from Spain this afternoon, it will be the last one until September. Apparently the papers were signed at the Notary today, and all will be at the Registro by tomorrow, within two weeks they should be ready to go to the Bank for a mortgage decision. The Manager is on holiday until 20th, it is hoped a decision will be made before the end of the month, and if there are no more surprises, it is possible the sale will go through in the first week of September, if that happens, and I am not banking on it, the process will have only taken 20 months!!  If there had not been so many cock ups, this could have been done within a year, but they will never own up to them.

I should have had my Deeds done at the same time I had those done to sell the apartments, I had the values updated, so at least there will be no more capital gains to pay, because on paper I am selling at a loss, but at the time money was running short, and I honestly thought at the time, that I would have seen out my life in that house, so be warned... Never say never!

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