Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Spain Update!

Over the last couple of days, disturbing news has come out of Spain regarding the work or lack of it done by the Gestor in Torvizcon,  José Manuel Santiago Dominguez, the arrangement was that my Buyer would pay my bills, after they had been approved by us, and then deduct the money from the price of the house, as he is paying no rent during this process, however it turns out that the Gestor has been giving him the bills direct and he has been paying them, and at this moment in time, I have no idea how much he has paid.

This morning at 5.30am our time, Marcela phoned his Office, to be told he has gone away on holiday and will not be available until next Tuesday, despite the fact he emailed me on Monday, and said nothing about it, the Deeds now being stuck in the Registro until he returns. This man is totally incompetent, and verging on criminal, once the process is finally finished, if it ever is, I will be filing a complaint with the Colegio de Abogados in Granada, not that it will make any difference, but it will make me feel better. So to anyone wanting the services of a Gestor, my advice would be to avoid Torvizcon at all costs.

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