Monday, 30 September 2013

Micro Workshop up and ready to run!

It's been a busy few days, and I have really enjoyed it, I now have some photos to go along with the project.

I didn't have alot of options, the workshop had to go in the storeroom, along with all my boxes from Spain, some of Marcela's bits and pieces, and the tools I have accumulated since my arrival:

The tip!
It did leave me wondering whether this was a task too far! But as I said in my previous post, I went and bought the timber anyway.

Timber added to the mix!
Much to Pépe's delight, he now had something else to nose about.  That was as far as it got on Saturday, we had other things to get done.

Yesterday, I did my chores, and about 10.30am I started, it was damn hot in that storeroom, I had to have the door shut, to keep Pépe out, as I had saws etc. going, and they were all on the floor, there is one little window, and that did not let in much air, although it did help extract the dust. By evening, I had most of the bench completed:

Bench nearing completion
It was not until I returned from taking Pépe for his evening walk that I realised I had taken the skin off both knees, my fault entirely, I always wear shorts in the house, and I was sliding around in the sawdust, it was not until Marcela insisted on cleaning the knees with alcohol out of the first aid box, that I nearly hit the ceiling, and then had the pain!  I have now found my working trousers in one of the cartons and will be using those in future!

This morning, it was back into the 'workshop' (that sounds good!)  and the bench was completed:

Bench completed
That just left me with the cleaning, and re-organising, before I could say it was mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished
The only change I might make now, space allowing, and of course, mutual consent!;) is to turn the bench at 90º to the wall in the centre of the room, to give me more working space on the bench, but I'll try it as it is for now. It is my intention, just to make woodworking jigs, and gadgets to help me, later on, when I have a dedicated workshop. With a 5' x 2' bench you are a bit restricted, however I have really enjoyed this project, and I am looking forward to spending more time in there, and less on the computer, also drink less coffee, as you can see from the shelf under the bench, I have got through a fair bit of coffee since arriving here, and I already have another half box of empties, all of which are being put to good use, for screws and nails.

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