Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The passing of a good Man

This morning, after a drawn out illness, Miguel Estrada (Marcela's Great Uncle), died in hospital from respiratory complications, two days short of his 71st Birthday.

I had the privilege of meeting Miguel on a few occasions, he welcomed me both to Colombia, and into the Family, we had some interesting conversations, he wanted to know as much as he could about the UK, and told me much about Colombia. It is a sad day, but at least he will no longer be suffering. I offer my condolences to my friends (and children of Miguel), Carlos, and Catherine, also the rest of their family.

I thought that in Spain the funerals were held quickly, but here it is even faster, the funeral is starting at 1 pm today, I will be accompanying Marcela to pay my respects, to a man who had a big heart, and will be sorely missed.

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