Monday, 2 September 2013


I forgot to mention in my last post, following the announcement that the Mayor of Bello was authorising free vaccinations for all, we went on Saturday, and found out that he is a lying toe-rag! and most of Bello is now baying for his blood.

In effect it was a campaign to try and get people to get vaccinated, when you arrived, there seemed to have been different criteria at each station, because the Sister-in-law went with the Mother-in-law to a different point.

The only benefits for us was that the total bill was cheaper, Marcela did get her flu-jab free instead of 15000, but I had to pay 15000 for my tetanus, instead of 25000 COP previously quoted.

The Sister-in-law didn't bother with her flu-jab, because they wanted to charge her!

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