Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Back to the woodwork!

I haven't done much woodwork recently, so decided to get stuck in again, so the first thing I wanted to do, was to improve my tablesaw, and in doing so, it nearly ended up as scrap, as we all know ' Measure twice, cut once'! fortunately I was able to work around my mistake, so now I have blade inserts, so I can adjust the blade to cut angles, and then I cut another dado in the top, so that I could make and use a mitre cut sled, for accurate cuts, and this was where I made my mistake, suffice it to say, I'm not saying what that was!

Table Saw inserts and Sled
Today, was another day, and I decided it was time to cut down on the amount of sawdust I was spewing around the apartment, that involved making a moveable support for the vacuum hose, it didn't take long, and will save having to clean up the entire apartment every time I finish work!!

Clamp it anywhere!

Next, I need to make a wood bin, for all my leftover bits, at the moment Pépe thinks they are a selection of new toys!

Pépe has started getting Schnauzer bumps, from researching the internet, it seems that this is quite common, and there are numerous opinions on what causes these skin lumps, and how to deal with them, we are going to start by giving him fish oil, if that doesn't work, I think it might be a trip to the Vet, although the consensus seems to be, that they are not a problem, and come and go at will.


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