Thursday, 21 November 2013

You didn't cross them hard enough!

I have just received an email from Spain, the 'Buyer' was spoken to today, and he saw the Bank Manager yesterday, he says he was told that he will receive formal approval for the money before the end of the month.

It is therefore assumed that we are now looking at next week, therefore it will probably be the first week in December before the signing at the Notary, and then we have to see if it will be easy to transfer the funds, or whether that will incur more delays. I have every intention of paying the taxes due, so there will be no problems if we want to visit the Country in the future,that is already in hand, although, after this two year episode, I really am not bothered if I return or not, but I do still have some good friends there.

This time please cross, fingers and toes!!!!

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