Thursday, 12 December 2013

It's a stitch up!

Another update today, the meeting with the Gestor, José,  did not take place today, as the Buyer, José, is a Funeral Director, had a call out, but they hope to have the meeting tomorrow.

The Bank Manager, José, has announced that he expects the mortgage offer to be made next week, which is very convenient, because with Christmas the following week, unless the offer comes through, Monday or Tuesday, then there will be no chance to sign until, probably the New Year, as officialdom will yet again be enjoying the holiday period.

It rather looks to me, as if the Bank, Caja Granada, are delaying this until the new financial year, which in Spain starts on January 1st, this doesn't help us much.

You will have noticed that there are rather a lot of José's involved in this transaction, if I wasn't so fed up, I might even think up a joke about it, but I can't!!

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