Wednesday, 11 December 2013

No end in Sight, but better news!

I had a long conversation with Christopher Mallock this afternoon, he received his Power of Attorney today, and had a meeting with the Buyers, contrary to earlier reports, they have not had their formal mortgage offer, it is a case of the Manager of Caja Granada stating this that is what will be offered, following the families threat to pull out of the Bank, but as of this morning, nothing has come through officially.

Chris states that the Buyers are prepared to issue a legal document stating they will cover the extra tax I will incur as a result of this arrangement, but they will not ring fence the money, as that shows mistrust, however as I pointed out to Chris, until I was approached to buy the house, I didn't know the family from Adam, so trust does not enter the equation, however on the basis of the Families position in the Community, a formal document of intent will suffice.

Chris is going with the Buyer tomorrow to draw up that document, and try to pin down the Gestor as to the Tax liabilities all round, which unfortunately cannot be paid until next May, as the Government have a two month window for 'Residents' to pay their dues.

So the impression we had, that the offer had been made, but people were just sitting back doing nothing, was unfounded, now it's back to waiting again.

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