Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Spanish Update

Now, I finally know the situation... I couldn't sleep last night, and ended up emailing back and forth with Chris at 4am, it turns out that he is committed with other business, why he didn't say that from the beginning I have no idea, but it is something I have to accept.

The Notary closes for Christmas tomorrow, and re-opens on 27th, so all thing being equal, the sale will go through then, however the Bank is still not recognising Chris' power of attorney, so it will be a case of which comes first, they accept the PoA, or Mr.R has returned, before I can transfer the money. This is a ridiculous situation, because they are recognising it at the Notary Office, to sign for the sale, anyway just to annoy someone other than Chris, I have fired off another email to the Bank.

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