Tuesday, 17 December 2013

What a Day!

I should be happy, but I'm not... José has received his mortgage offer, but for a reason I have yet to find out, they can't sign this week, Chris tells me they are aiming for the 27th, but no one has contacted the Notary yet to see if or when it is open.  I feel as if I have been shafted at every turn, maybe it is my own fault, not being on the spot makes it much harder to have any control of the situation.

Maybe tomorrow there will be more news, I just hope it is better than we have had so far.

We went out to do our food shopping today, leaving Pepé to guard the house, as I said previously he has been good for the last couple of weeks, and not had to have his muzzle... Well, he has cooked his goose, we came back to World War III, he had all but pulled the table cloth all the way off the dining table, and then proceeded to chew all the coasters, to the point they had to go in the bin, the place mats had had a chomping, all the paper serviettes, are inside him somewhere, and in pulling the table cloth off, he took the tin of Christmas biscuits with it, which opened on contact with the floor, and he had had a good feast on them as well, so the rest had to go in the bin, I am now waiting for him to bring them all up again, if it follows his usual routine, it will be in the middle of the night!

Having done a good job of the dining area, he moved on to his box of goodies, this is one of my clothes containers from Spain, it had a crack in it, now it has a gaping hole, he had pulled out all his towels, trying to get to his box of treats.

Nothing seems to get through to Pépe, much of the time he is a little angel, then he does one! Because he was caught in the act today, he had a good thrashing, and then spent the next hour trying to get back in my good books. Unfortunately that means he will always be muzzled now, when we go out, we haven't any other choice.

I have never come across such a strong headed dog, my previous dogs were no trouble to train, some took longer than others, but we got there, I am getting no where with Pépe, nine and a half months, and worse than ever!

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