Friday, 27 December 2013

Wow! I cant believe it...

I have received a phone call from Chris, the house sale has gone through, the money was transferred into my account, and even more surprisingly, my Spanish Bank have transferred the money out of the country, I just have to wait for some papers to follow on, and then I can transfer the funds here.

Time for a celebration, don't bother calling me tomorrow, I will be ill... I haven't had an alcoholic drink for over 12 months and then it was only a Gin & Tonic, that made me ill, but what the hell!

We are almost there, I think we can say, mission accomplished!

I had another pleasant surprise today, when we returned this afternoon, the postman had been... Thanks Mandy and Nick, that is the first Christmas Card I have received here, usually post takes a minimum of 3 months from the UK, if it ever arrives, you must have posted this in the summer! (believe it or not, there was not a postmark on the envelope!)I hope you both had a lovely Christmas, lots of love from us both.

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