Monday, 27 January 2014

Thieving Gits!!!

I logged into my Bank account yesterday afternoon, to find loads of withdrawals I didn't recognise, Marcela recognised the reference but could not explain it, so rang the Bank.

It turns out that the Government are legalised Robbers here, if you spend more than about £3000 a month, DIAN (the Treasury Dept) tax you, for every 1000 pesos you spend they take 4 pesos, also the daily interest on your account, anything above 1200 pesos, is taxed at 7%. Therefore due to the recent spending splurge, I have been hammered, and unfortunately due to the work about to start on the house today, I will continue to be hammered for another month or two.

It is certainly something new to me, I have never had enough in the account for this to happen in the past. Apparently I will be able to claim this against any taxes owing when my Tax Return becomes due next year, but even so, when your money has already been taxed it is a strike below the belt.

This morning we have got to be at the house for 9am, to hand over a set of keys to the Builder, they are starting to prepare the site for work, then we are off to the Notary and the Registro, for the next part of the process, after which we again have to meet up with the Builder to select and pay for materials, I bet DIAN will be rubbing their hands together!!

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