Thursday, 13 February 2014

No work today!

A late start this morning, we are not going to work at the Finca today, but I have got to go and buy another toilet and sink set, to go in 'my' toilet upstairs (the shower is being removed and that area turned into a store), I discovered yesterday that the cistern was damaged, unfortunately the other toilets removed from the two bathrooms had been snatched by the workers, so using one of them was not an option, not that I am unhappy about it, I rather have a new one, and they are not expensive. We are then going to see about buying the 5m pole required.

Some rather disturbing news in the last half hour, the woman Notary in Copacabana was jailed on Monday for corruption, apparently she was a Notary in another part of the Country previously, where land restitution is a big topic, and she was found guilty of having registered stolen land, for big bucks. I just hope our sale is all legal and above board!

If there is any other news, I will update later.

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