Friday, 4 April 2014

Flights booked!

Finally...I have been able to reserve flights to the UK, it only took most of the day, because a lot of sites, won't let Colombia held credit cards be used to make the purchase, and even my UK card is registered to here. Anyway, we are coming over in the second week of June for a couple of weeks for Marcela to meet family and friends, now I have got to go through the same procedure and try to book a car, this will be fun!

This morning the Grua arrived spot on time to collect the car, unfortunately the plastic sheet I put underneath to catch the diesel, had more holes in it than a cullender, there was a right mess, so we have a new parking area, covered in sand!  We have since heard that it was just the fuel pipe that had split, and it has been repaired free of charge.

The men arrived to fit the interior doors, and have been here all day, no sign of them going, to be honest they are making a right pigs ear of it, considering they came and took all the measurements, I am not impressed, the doors look nice, especially considering they are plain. But the fitting leaves a lot to be desired, and they have no idea about constructing the door casing, which is only about an inch wide, and doesn't cover all the gaps, so I have got to follow around with filler. I think probably at a later date, I will replace the casing for something more substantial.

I haven't had time to get stuck into anything today, so tomorrow, whilst Marcela is out for the day, with Mum and friends, I will soldier on. I still need to go and buy the timber to kit out the pantry, that was on the list for this morning, but car problems changed that, and it will be next week now.

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