Friday, 6 June 2014

What a 'B' Nightmare!!!

The last two days have been horrendous, having been finally accepted for the the Health Care Complimentary Plan by SURA,  as I said in my last post, they took the first payment on May 30th, ready for it's implementation in June, then yesterday I went on my online Bank account, to find they had taken three further payments, two on June 4th and another on 5th, I think they were trying to clear out my account!

Marcela was straight on to the Assesors, demanding that they refund the money immediately, as they had taken it without authorisation, initially they were prevaricating, and we appeared to be getting nowhere, finally they said I would have to go into the City to collect a cheque, I told Marcela to tell them to get stuffed, they took the money from my account, they could replace it in my account, within twenty fours hours.

We both then continued to badger them throughout the day, I sent a complaint direct to the Director of Health SURA,  Dr. Gabriel Mesa Nicholls, copying it to the Assesors involved, as a result I was informed that the money was being refunded, and I was sent copies of the emails instructing the refund, unfortunately for them, one of those described me as a 'Difficult User', now there is a second complaint going in. The fault was entirely that of SURA, and they were trying their hardest to absolve themselves of responsibility, they picked on the wrong couple for that.

Late this afternoon, I checked my Bank account, and confirmed that I have received my refund.

Would I recommend Suramerica (SURA) to others, on the administration side...never, they are incompetent, and the right hand had no idea what the left is doing, however on the Care side, which they subcontract out, I can only praise the standard of treatment I have received.

This was all made more difficult because Marcela has been out all day, having her hair and nails done, so it has been a three way discussion!

In between times, I have managed to cut the grass, and re-route some electric cables, so that switches are in the correct place.

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